Grief Toolbox– A grief resource that contains: articles, artwork, grief relief videos and a support group locator.

Compassionate Friends– A grief resource that helps to: locate different support groups (more selection), different articles of grief and events.

Fernside– A grief support organization for children, teens and adults that includes: educational videos on You Tube, informational resources for different questions that a child may ask in a grieving situation and suggested responses, and community outreach and education.

Grief Speaks– A resource that covers different aspects of: violence, grief resources for teens and information on many different issues.

Psych Central– Contains a section on grief and loss, including the universal five stages of grief.

I gave these helpful resources and descriptions to get you started. In the beginning when you are trying to make sense of everything, you don’t always have the capability to focus or patience to find information on grieving so I have chosen these links to get you started. I didn’t have the ability or want to go through all the different links on grief in the beginning, and for months after. I hope this helps in some way because the extra knowledge and knowing you’re not losing your mind is a comfort later. Initially, you feel alone even when you have a strong support system. I strongly suggest grief counseling but these resources will help to give you more information.

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