Continuing the Legacy

Justin was such a remarkable young man that touched so many people’s hearts in our community. The loss of a child is the most horrific thing that can happen to a parent, in my opinion. What can I do to honor him and have him remembered? This is the answer that I and some of my wonderful group of ladies that have held me up during my rocky journey. One was creating a Facebook page for Justin. I write letters to him, post pictures, write stories about my life with him and little fun facts. We have a balloon launch happening where we can celebrate Justin’s life and raise money for the memorial scholarship fund given in his name. I have created the “Be a Hero” campaign based on the amazingly positive qualities that he possessed. Justin was a hero in many ways and lived his life honorably and with integrity. I want to get with our schools and work with the small children to help those that need that extra help. I always talk about Justin, everywhere I go. I was in a local shop and the clerk and I was talking about Justin and what had happened to him. She brought up the July 4th parade, or 5th in our town. I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea at first. Would people think I was trying to get recognition or make a show out of what happened? With much thought and consideration, after talking with my friends, I decided to promote the “Be a Hero” campaign. The point of this blog is that Justin left such a positive legacy that I feel compelled to keep it going and help other young people live their lives in such an honorable manner. I am so blessed to have a wonderful child that made good, healthy choices. Justin Back led by example. What have you done to continue the positive legacy your loved one left behind?

This is Justin Back in his gear for his Fire Science class at the Warren County Career Center

This is Justin Back in his gear for his Fire Science class at the Warren County Career Center

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