About Us

About us

My name is Sandy Cates. My husband, Mark, and I suffered the terrible loss of our son, Justin Back. Justin was murdered on January 28, 2014. Our journey since that fateful day has been filled with grief and pain, yet we are on a mission to help others who are suffering. Justin was a true hero. He was a young man who put others before himself and always wore a smile. We want his legacy to live on through the lives of others.

Our mission

Our mission is to help others who are grieving or know someone who is suffering a great loss. We now know what it is like to grieve the loss of a child. When a child passes away, the tragedy affects not only parents, but also siblings, relatives, friends and the community. We want to help others by providing education relative to grief, both for those grieving and those who desire to help others.

About our website

In addition to our personal blog, resources and prevention awareness information will be provided. Justin was neither involved in drugs, nor was his murder drug related; however, we will also be covering topics such as drug prevention, suicide prevention and how parents can look for signs of trouble in their child or their child’s friends.

Our slogan

“Pay it forward, Justin style!”