About Justin

Justin Back: a Hero in the Making

Justin Back

On January 28, 2014, a wonderful young man, so full of potential, tragically lost his life. It is a parent’s worst nightmare. This isn’t the part that I want everyone to remember, though. Justin Back was much more than his ending. Justin was a fun loving, caring 18 year old. He loved his family and friends with everything he had. Justin was: loyal, a music enthusiast, a runner, an upcoming sailor in the Navy and had studied Fire Science at the Warren County Career Center. 

Justin was a hero and role model to many people in many different ways. For one girl, it was literally wiping tears from someone’s face and then making her laugh. It changed her day. He stood up for someone who was being picked on in school. An Intervention Specialist at one of the schools stated to me that she would talk to Justin all of the time. Others would ask her why she did so because he “didn’t need help.” She told me that she wanted to talk to him to see how he did it every day….how he lived his life always smiling and laughing. He helped others simply by being himself. She told me that Justin was a true role model. That means so much to a mother. Especially in a world where there is so much pressure on teens.

This wonderful young man, in his short lifetime accomplished so much. How many of us can say we have done things that could constitute as making a true difference and making a true positive statement? Justin Back’s statements were 1) Be the best that you can be; 2) make a difference in someone else’s life;  3) It’s okay to be you.

If you are living your life the right way and following the right path, you can truly make a difference. Justin did this without even knowing he was helping others. What can you do to be a hero in someone else’s life today? How can you be a hero?